General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) of Businessplan Schweiz AG


These GTC apply when Businessplan Schweiz AG (contractor) is commissioned to provide a service. By commissioning Businessplan Schweiz AG, the client agrees to these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “GTC”). Businessplan Schweiz AG reserves the right to amend the GTC at any time, but the GTC in force at the time the contract is concluded shall remain valid for the placing of an order.

Conclusion of contract

The client concludes a binding contract with Businessplan Schweiz AG for a project as soon as he has explicitly placed the order by means of a signed order form, in writing by post or by e-mail.
The client agrees to waive a withdrawal period so that Businessplan Schweiz AG can begin the commissioned work immediately after the order has been placed. Should the client nevertheless wish to withdraw from the contract, this is possible in part before the payment on account is made: in this case, Businessplan Schweiz AG would invoice the expenses incurred and hand over the work carried out to date.

Invoices and due date

Unless otherwise agreed, agreed orders with a total invoice of up to CHF 2,000 are due in advance; higher total invoices are invoiced with 60% payment on account and 40% balance payment after submission of the first finished design. The final payment is due no later than 10 days after submission of the draft. Delivered drafts remain the property of Businessplan Schweiz AG until the order amount has been paid in full. If the client defaults on payment, Businessplan Schweiz AG will send a payment reminder free of charge. If the invoice remains unpaid for a further 10 days, Businessplan Schweiz AG reserves the right to charge a fee of CHF 30 each for a further two reminders.


The client shall indemnify Businessplan Schweiz AG against any additional expenses resulting from incorrect or incomplete information or a subsequent change in the client’s initial situation.

Businessplan Schweiz AG accepts no liability for results in the business plan that lead to an unsatisfactory result for the client due to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, incorrect or unclear information provided by the client. However, Businessplan Schweiz AG allows a correction and adjustment round to correct the results. Upon submission of the project (e.g. the draft business plan), the full invoice amount without cost reduction is due in any case. Businessplan Schweiz AG cannot be held liable for delays in the completion of the business plan unless the communicated deadline for completion of the order is explicitly necessary and has been stipulated as such in the order agreement with Businessplan Schweiz AG (e.g. deadline for submission to an addressee).

The scope of the services to be provided by the agent shall be determined by the order placed.

Businessplan Schweiz AG shall assume that the facts, in particular figures, stated by the user are correct, unless obvious inaccuracies are found. Checking the correctness, completeness and regularity of the documents, receipts and figures received is only part of the order if it has been explicitly agreed in writing.

Businessplan Schweiz AG processes the client’s project to the best of its knowledge and belief and reserves the right to adjust figures provided by the client according to its knowledge of the market and industry in order to achieve the best possible result at its discretion.

The business plans and investment calculations prepared by Businessplan Schweiz AG are never to be understood as investment recommendations by Businessplan Schweiz AG. Businessplan Schweiz AG accepts no liability for investments in a project resulting from the work of Businessplan Schweiz AG. Since the results of the work are based on the client’s own research, sometimes from external sources, analyses and information provided by the client, Businessplan Schweiz AG therefore accepts no liability for damages arising from incorrect or incomplete results.

Partner/ third parties

The operator is entitled to call in employees, expert legal or natural third parties (substitution) to process the order. They are obliged to maintain complete confidentiality. Order processing and data processing can take place in Switzerland and, in the event of substitution, also in Germany.

Price adjustments

Businessplan Schweiz AG reserves the right to change the prices of all services officially communicated on the website at any time. The prices in the order agreement between the client and Businessplan Schweiz AG, to which both parties may agree, shall apply.

Place of jurisdiction / Applicable law

Zurich shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes between Businessplan Schweiz AG and its users/clients. Swiss law applies.

Status: July 06, 2021