Did you know that more and more German companies and self-employed people are setting up a company in the United Arab Emirates? In recent years, Dubai has become a real magnet for business people from all over the world – and for good reason. We’ll show you why!

Difficult environment for entrepreneurs in Germany

Germany is actually considered a country with strong economic foundations, but it presents entrepreneurs with considerable challenges on a daily basis: High taxes and social security contributions, complex bureaucracy, high operating costs and intense competitive pressure. These factors plus the low risk appetite of investors worsen Germany’s framework conditions: According to the country index, Germany ranks 17th out of 21 industrialized countries surveyed (2021).

The solution lies in liberal Dubai

While politicians in Germany urgently need to improve the framework conditions, more and more German entrepreneurs are discovering opportunities in Dubai:

With great entrepreneurial freedom, you can continue your business from there without having to relocate to Dubai. Over 65,000 companies are now based in Dubai’s free zones. Startup-Dubai acts as one of the leading start-up agencies for Germans who want to do business in Dubai without any worries.

Imagine benefiting from tax exemption, anonymity, little bureaucracy and an environment that encourages innovation instead of eyeing it skeptically. In Dubai you will find a dynamic business community that is both locally and internationally networked and offers extensive support. The city’s strategic location as a gateway between East and West offers unique trading opportunities.

Find out here how Startup Dubai can help you with your company relocation.

Quality of life, infrastructure and education

If you are able to continue your business in Germany regardless of location, there is nothing to stop you from relocating to Dubai: Dubai offers a high quality of life, modern infrastructure, first-class German-speaking educational and health facilities and, last but not least, always beautiful weather. There are now 10,000 German permanent residents in Dubai alone. Maybe you too soon?

We show you the way

Our Dubai experts will support you from the initial consultation to the successful establishment of your company in Dubai. We offer a comprehensive range of services specifically designed to address the challenges of German entrepreneurs and to take full advantage of Dubai.

Contact us to find out more about your opportunities in Dubai. Your dream of entrepreneurial freedom and stable growth is just one step away.


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