We combine capital with vision.

Comprehensive analysis & expertise as the foundation of your financing.
  • Many years of experience in business model evaluation
  • Precise evaluation of your company and market
  • Investor confidence through sound feasibility analyses
  • Individual financial strategies for scalable business ideas

Corporate Finance with Startup Dubai

With more than two decades of expertise in the preparation of business plans and the analysis of business models and companies, we act as a reliable interface to a broad network of investors with a global presence. As an accelerator for start-ups looking to gain a foothold in Dubai, we support you in obtaining project and corporate financing at all stages of development. As part of our due diligence process, we assess the feasibility of your project, prepare the necessary documents, establish contacts with potential investors and organize your presentation. We only broker projects that we are convinced have a good chance of being successfully financed.

Structured and efficient financing

Due diligence

  • Economic analysis and project feasibility
  • Internal structures and maturity of the project
  • Market and competition
  • Project planning Financial planning and scalability
  • DCF company valuation

Course announcement

  • Publication of your share price on international price and banking platforms
  • Share price performance according to own internal valuation
  • Significant increase in the probability of selling your company shares at the offered price

Capital procurement

  • Financing: from EUR 100,000
  • Financing phases: all
  • Via direct contact or roadshows
  • Internal preparation of investor documents if required
  • Our network does not finance pure “ideas”. The projects must be mature and have clear differentiating features as well as scalability.

Pitch roadshows

  • Organization of roadshows with up to 50 investors present
  • Personalized newsletter to up to 1,500 investors
  • Can be completely moderated by us
  • Direct contacts to all interested investors

Why investors trust us

Our success is directly linked to the success of our customers. Our approach to corporate financing is based on a thorough analysis of the company, the planned project and the market conditions. Our extensive academic expertise, many years of practical experience and specialization in best practices in the evaluation of business models enable us to conduct a solid preliminary assessment of startup projects.

Our relationships with investors are based on trust in our analyses, which determine the feasibility of the business model, the potential of your project and the coherence of the approach.

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